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Cellular Phone - batteries

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Motorola Cell Batteries, Li-Ion V66
V66 Motorolla cellular Phone batteries. Chemistry: Li-Ion (Lithium Ion). Capacity: 550 mAh. Click for more information.


Motorola Cellular phone Batteries T720
T729 Motorolla batteries. Chemistry: Li-Ion (Lithium Ion). Capacity: 600 mAh. Fits: MOTOROLA C331t, MOTOROLA C333, MOTOROLA C343, MOTOROLA C353, MOTOROLA SNN5588, MOTOROLA T720, MOTOROLA T720i, MOTOROLA T721, MOTOROLA T721g, MOTOROLA T722, MOTOROLA T722i, MOTOROLA T725, MOTOROLA T730, MOTOROLA T730c, MOTOROLA T730i, MOTOROLA T731. Click for more information


Motorola Li-Ion Battery Packs V60
V60 Motorolla batteries.Chemistry: Li-Ion (Lithium Ion). Capacity: 750 mAh. Click for more information.


Motorola Phone Batteries, Li-Ion V120
V120 Motorolla Cellular phone batteries. Chemistry: Li-Ion (Lithium Ion). Capacity: 1000 mAh. Fits: MOTOROLA 120, MOTOROLA 120c, MOTOROLA 120e, MOTOROLA 120T, MOTOROLA 120x, MOTOROLA SNN5570, MOTOROLA v120, MOTOROLA v120c, MOTOROLA v120e, MOTOROLA v120t, MOTOROLA v120x. Click for more information.


Motorola T193 Ni-MH Battery
T193 Motorolla batteries. Chemistry: Ni-MH (Nickel Metal Hydride). Capacity: 600 mAh. Click for more information.


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